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We love the web and the development of cool and interesting softwares. Feel free to test and share our tools and services. Make us feedbacks, help us improve, to permit everyone enjoying web development.

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Our tools and services

Md2Pdf Md2Pdf

Md2Pdf is a Linux shell script to transform MD files to PDF files. So no python, no boring install/config process, etc ... It use Pandoc for the main part and Zenity for a little bit of GUI.

Marstech Git Helper Marstech Git Helper

This tool is here to help you create branch name, commit messages, and changelogs according to the conventions.

AlkaImgOptimizerCli AlkaImgOptimizerCli

This tool is a Proof Of Concept to try parsing command lines in Java, system exit for Linux, and calling an external tool in command line : caesium-clt.
This project stands for a coming API based on theses concepts.

WS-Postal WS-Postal

A free to use mailing API, to host yourself, to provide mail sending through Web API. Simple and easy, to use for your daily needs.